Hugh O'Brien
Based in Cork city and with over 35 years experience in video production for TV and business, offer discreet live streaming and recording services for funerals in Cork City and Country.
This service is provided with the utmost discretion, respect, and professionalism conducting our work from an appropriate distance so as not to disrupt the ceremony.
The ceremony can only be viewed by those who have received a specific password to ensure high levels of privacy.

We work closely with undertakers to make our service easy to arrange.

Family and friends who may not be able to attend in person can watch the funeral in real time on any device, anywhere in the world.
A recorded video is also made available a few hours following the service.

Our Services:

  • Live streaming - the funeral mass is available to watch in real time from anywhere in the world (depending on the internet connection at the church).We also provide a full recording a few hours after the service.
  • 3 Camera set up including remote wireless mobile video camera
  • Record only - the funeral mass is recorded and made available to view/download few hours after the funeral.
  • Public or private viewing – we supply a unique viewing page and forward the information to the undertaker for publishing on the death notices. Alternatively, we can provide a private link to the family directly.
  • USB & DVD – A recording of the funeral will be available to download a few hours after the service. USB & DVD copies may also be ordered online and shipped internationally.


We can provide a recording of the funeral service using the utmost discretion, professionalism and respect.
The recording will be available to view and/or download a few hours after the funeral service.
This recording will be hosted on a separate page of our website and provide the option to password protect the page if required.


Live streaming plus recording
With this option we provide a live stream of the funeral service.( this depends on the internet connection in the Church)
The live stream will be hosted via our website and Youtube and the details can be provided in advance to the funeral director for publishing on death notices.

And in addition another idea worth considering again in consultation with the family would be to produce a video called ‘Celebrating the Life Of The Person’ featuring family interviews and any other pics or video they might like included and present as an overall final package, This can be recorded at a later date.